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SPL Mixer results

Input parameters


Molar flowrate of Glycerol (kmol/s): 1.00000

Temperature of Glycerol stream (C): 20.00000

Molar flowrate of Ethanol (kmol/s): 0.00500

Temperature of Ethanol stream (C): 20.00000

Tank Height (m): 1.00000

Tank Diameter (m): 1.00000

Impeller Type: Three Blades High Efficiency

Impeller Diameter (m): 0.89000

Rotational Speed (RPM): 60.00000




Reynolds Number: 

Froude Number: 

Galilei Number:

Mixing Number:

Newton Number:

Pumping Number:

Characteristic Velocity (m/s):

Residence Time (s):

Vessel Volume (m3):

Volumetric Flowrate Out (m3/hr):

Volume Added (%):

Scale of Agitation:

Pumping Rate (m3/hr):

Mixing Time 95%:

Power (kW):



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