Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen mit Kundeninformationen

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Terms and Conditions FAQ

  • Why are the Terms and Conditions in German?

    For all legal relationships between the parties, the law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies, excluding the laws on the international purchase of movable goods. Since courts in Germany prefer German contracts, and the Terms and Conditions are the top contract in the hierarchy, it is easiest to have it in German, should there ever be a need.


  • How can I translate the documents on this page to English?

    You can not download or copy the documents on this page to make sure that there is only one unambiguous, current version. Go to any product in the shop and you will find the Terms and Conditions on the checkout page for download (you can download them before you purchase!).

    Use Google Translate for a translation into the language of your choice, but bear in mind that this translation is not legally binding for the purpose of our contractual relationship.

  • Do you offer your products for private use?

    No. All offers on this website (  are for commercial use or for professional training use only. We do not sell to consumers (“Verbraucher” according to German law).