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Web Calculator – Static Mixer Demo

Web Calculator is the power of CHEMCAD on a website or in any application.

Benefits of Web Calculator

Provide end-users with no knowledge of CHEMCAD the functionality of calculating complex flowsheets.

Hide the intellectual property of a CHEMCAD flowsheet with its components and operating parameters from the end-user.

Make a CHEMCAD flowsheet available for use without sharing the *.cc7 simulation file.

Embed the CHEMCAD flowsheet calculation in any website or in any of your applications.


Static Mixer is a custom unit operation, which is available on this website. It is embedded in a CHEMCAD flowsheet.

The CHEMCAD flowsheet with the Static Mixer unit op is hosted on our servers. This page uses the .NET Interface, which is also available on this website.

This page contains the dialogues with the end-user. After the end-user sends the input form (“Submit”), the parameters are sent to our server for calculation. After the flowsheet calculation terminates, the output parameters are sent back to this page. This page then refreshes automatically to show the results.

Static Mixer Demo

Static Mixer is for continuous mixing with short residence times. Submit your inputs and calculate the pressure drop and output coefficient of variance!

Note: Industrially, 0.05 (5%) output variation is acceptable.

In this demo example, the highly viscous fluid glycerol (~1000 cP) is mixed with the low-viscous fluid water (~1 cP).

Input Parameters

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