CHEMCAD in a Virtual Machine (VM) Help

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This page explains how you access and use CHEMCAD in a Virtual Machine (VM).

Accessing in a VM means, that you use your browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera) to open this website and you log in with your personal credentials.

Nothing is installed on your computer or tablet.

When you access Windows10 for the second time, Windows10 desktop is ready in 10 seconds after you logged in on


Purchase a VM with CHEMCAD

Purchasing a VM means that you obtain unique credentials to access your personal virtual machine. You purchase a VM either on the Process Simulation Cup page if you’re a student or this webpage, or from a distributor.

If you have purchased a VM with CHEMCAD on the Process Simulation Cup page if you’re a student or from this webpage,  you can find your credentials and information on where to enter them on My Account under the Your Purchases section in the Details and Downloads file. If you are able to view your unique login credentials, you are ready to access a VM with CHEMCAD.

If you have purchased a VM with CHEMCAD from a distributor, your distributor must send you a discount code, so that you can obtain your credentials from this website for free. If your distributor has sent a discount code to you, login in here or register here and purchase the product associated with the discount code. The discount code makes you eligible for free purchase.


Access your VM with CHEMCAD

You must fulfill both prerequisites:

  1. You have a personal account on this website. Login in here or register here now.
  2. You have purchased either CHEMCAD Trial or CHEMCAD Hourly or CHEMCAD Monthly from either this webpage or from your distributor or if you’re a student, one of the products on the Process Simulation Cup page.
  3. Go to My Account to find your credentials under Your Virtual Machine section.

Note: We created a temporary VM login password for you. You will be asked to change it with the first login. It can be viewed in the Details and Downloads file under the Your Purchases section.
Make sure you store your newly created password safely as you will not be able to reset/change it.

Open  in a browser and log in.

You should see this website:


Windows10 desktop will open:

If you use Windows10 for the first time, Windows sets up a new profile for you, which takes approx. 3 minutes. Be patient.



Access your VM using your credentials from My Account.

Start CHEMCAD7 from the desktop.



You can use Microsoft OneDrive to synch files between this VM and your other devices as described here.