What is Lab?

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Lab is innovation based on CC-API and CHEMCAD. Lab is our laboratory. Here, we synthesize new software from secret and not-so-secret ingredients.

We use .NET Interface. (Eat your own dog food!)

Caller and Dispatcher live here.


All our applications are deployed here before they reach production status.

Consider everything beta.


We have no sophisticated Access Control Lists (ACL) implemented. Although everybody can only see their own stuff, we can see everything for the moment.

Therefore, there is a disclaimer:

Please note that all data on this site is shared.
Do not upload your confidential data.

Do not ignore the disclaimer. We mean it!


Find the latest news about Lab here.

Lab Cockpit

Lab Cockpit shows how many Agents are active and how many Jobs are in the queue.

CSE-SEM-06 and CSE-SEM-08 are two machines (hardware) in the seminar room at Poststrasse 12.

AZURE-xxx are virtual machines on Microsoft Azure.

The screenshot on the right shows all Agents "Idle", i.e. they have no job to do. If a user would log in on the machine, the Agent's status would switch to "Host busy" until the user logs out or locks his screen.

Every Agent can be configured for its own CHEMCAD license server.

Agent Configuration


Lab shows the work of the Dispatcher: Which Jobs have been calculated on which Agent?

Error Handling by Dispatcher

Sensitivity Study

This EtOH5min sensitivity study analyzes the investment cost (CAPEX) dependency of the the feed tray and the number of trays for an Ethanol distillation column. The column is resized each run. This example shows the relevance of input constraints. The feed tray must be an integer number smaller than the total number of trays.

Azeotropic Distillation of EtOH with Entrainer

Best Result

This tab shows details about the best result found during the sensitivity study. The best result updates in real-time while the study is running.

Results Matrix

A table with all the points of the sensitivity study. Whenever a new result is available the related entry in the matrix changes from not calculated to calculated. The table is ordered by value of the objective function and can be exported to Excel.

Input Parameters

This tab shows the independent variables and their ranges and the applied constraints.  These rules define the results matrix.

Optimization function

The objective function uses any flowsheet variable or a combination of variables. The constraints on the calculated results are also shown here.