Microsoft OneDrive Help

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If you purchased one of our Virtual Machines, you can use OneDrive to synch your files. What is OneDrive? OneDrive is a file hosting service and synchronization service operated by Microsoft. It is similar to Dropbox and other providers, but … Read More

CHEMCAD in a Virtual Machine (VM) Help

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This page explains how you access and use CHEMCAD in a Virtual Machine (VM). Summary Log in/ Register and purchase a VM with CHEMCAD. Log into with your Virtual Machine user name. It is displayed on the My Account page … Read More

Add-on Manager Help

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This page explains what you can do with the Add-on Manager. DLL files extend CHEMCAD by custom functionality, e.g. unitops, enthalpy models, k value models, pipe models, or kinetic reaction rates. Add-on Manager can be used to administer your own DLLs – even without … Read More

Static Mixer Help

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This page explains how the Static Mixer Unit Op works. Static Mixers are inline units that can be used to achieve mixing in continuous or semi-continuous systems. It serves several purposes ranging from the blending of components, thermal homogenization to various … Read More

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