Chemical Components Physical Properties from CHEMCAD in MATLAB

Many tasks in the chemical industry require the physical properties of chemical components. Properties are molecular weight, density, critical pressure and more. The calculation mixture properties, e.g. specific heat capacity, vapor viscosity, thermal conductivity and many more require these properties. … Read More

Access Thermodynamic Properties and Models from CHEMCAD using MATLAB

A separation unit operation in MATLAB requires thermodynamic properties and models. This unit operation and many other unit operations in the chemical industry require VLE calculations. CHEMCAD provides VLE data. CHEMCAD has several built-in thermodynamic models, e.g. NRTL, Wilson, UNIFAC, UNIQUAC, … Read More

Read Streams Data from a CHEMCAD Flowsheet using MATLAB

Any CHEMCAD flowsheet optimization in MATLAB requires reading data from the flowsheet.   The code snippet aims to be the shortest possible snippet to demonstrate how MATLAB accesses a CHEMCAD flowsheet. We recommend to include an exception handling routine, even … Read More