How can teachers and students get access to the PSC Classroom?

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Give the license key to a teacher who will distribute it to his students together with instructions on how to use it and the product details. You can use the example below:

Dear Mr. Teacher,

See below

Instructions for teachers and students on how to access and use CHEMCAD software through a web browser:

  1. Register with Process Simulation Cup (PSC) website
  2. Submit the form provided on the GET CHEMCAD page
  3. Check email for final instructions

Teachers and students who already have an account with Process Simulation Cup (PSC) should go directly to here and log in with the Connect with the PSC button to use the license key.

Product details and the license key to acquire the end-user license for free:

Product: PSC Classroom

Enter this license key into the promo code field on the checkout page to acquire the end-user license for free:  XXXYYYZZZ