Microsoft OneDrive Help

If you purchased one of our Virtual Machines, you can use OneDrive to synch your files. What is OneDrive? OneDrive is a file hosting service and synchronization service operated by Microsoft. It is similar to Dropbox and other providers, but … Read More

CHEMCAD in a Virtual Machine (VM) Help

This page explains how you access and use CHEMCAD in a Virtual Machine (VM). Accessing in a VM means, that you use your browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera) to open this website and you log in with your … Read More

We present the CHEMCAD cluster at CHISA2018 in Prague

We present a poster explaining the CHEMCAD Scientific Cluster Initiative (CSCI) and our cloud architecture to attendees of the conference. Our booth also shows 4 posters of the Process Simulation Cup editions PSC2015, PSC2016, PSC2017, and PSC2018.  All Process Simulation Cups are … Read More

CHEMCAD is in the cloud

CC-API brings CHEMCAD to the cloud. At ACHEMA2018 in Frankfurt/ Main we showcase three applications where CHEMCAD is made available over the internet. The left part of the picture shows our architecture for unlimited, distributed CHEMCAD instances. It can be … Read More

CC-API is CHEMCAD’s 7th module

We present CC-API as CHEMCAD’s 7th module on ACHEMA2018 in Frankfurt/ Main. CC-API is a modern interface to embed CHEMCAD into any .NET or web application and to extend CHEMCAD by UnitOps. The Process Simulation Cup is built on CC-API’s … Read More

Add-on Manager Help

This page explains what you can do with the Add-on Manager. DLL files extend CHEMCAD by custom functionality, e.g. unitops, enthalpy models, k value models, pipe models, or kinetic reaction rates. Add-on Manager can be used to administer your own DLLs – even without … Read More

What is Lab?

Lab is innovation based on CC-API and CHEMCAD. Lab is our laboratory. Here, we synthesize new software from secret and not-so-secret ingredients. We use .NET Interface. (Eat your own dog food!) Caller and Dispatcher live here.   All our applications … Read More

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